Joely richardson dating john hensley

Miss Richardson paraded her daughter for the paparazzi outside the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice as she revealed: "There's an acting gene running through the family. "For years and years I couldn't get a gig, and that's very damaging for your confidence.But I have to support my child's passion, just like my parents supported mine."Therein, of course, lies her dilemma over her own career.She vowed to quit Hollywood to look after her sick daughter.But now, Joely Richardson is filming again and worried friends say she's pushing herself too hard As her chauffeur-driven limo glides through the gates of Hollywood's Paramount Studios, there have been occasions in recent weeks, one suspects, when Joely Richardson has blanched at the thought of what the day's filming holds in store.In her starring role in plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck, she has just completed scenes that show her, variously, having sex with beautiful Australian actress Portia de Rossi, getting kidnapped and being sexually abused.scroll down for more Producers of the popular TV show have decreed that, for its fifth series, the shock quotient should be upped in the battle for ratings.

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For a mere ten months ago she announced she was quitting her lucrative job to look after her sick daughter, Daisy, back in Britain.Meanwhile, Hollywood is buzzing with rumours that Miss de Rossi's long-term girlfriend, chat show host Ellen De Generes, is 'mad with jealousy'.It is, of course, all knockabout, postwatershed nonsense, although hardly what one might expect from the scion of British theatrical royalty (Joely's mother is Vanessa Redgrave and her late father was the director Tony Richardson), let alone the 42-year-old mother of a teenage daughter.Nor has her fragile appearance gone unnoticed by her concerned friends, who have been saying privately for some time that she has been pushing herself far too hard.Those who have felt brave enough to broach the subject of her tired and frail appearance have been met with a knowing look from the actress.

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